Peer-Reviewed Publications

Skarpelis, A.K.M. (forthcoming). Hitler and Aeneas. Public Books

Skarpelis, A.K.M. 2014. War and Health Insurance Policy in Japan and the United States: World War II to Postwar Reconstruction. Social Science Japan Journal 17(1):141-44. [LINK]

Skarpelis, Anna. 2009. Alterung der Mitgliedschaft von Parteien und Gewerkschaften in Deutschland. in Altern: Familie, Zivilgesellschaft und Politik [LINK]

Skarpelis, A.K.. 2009. Low-wage work in Germany, edited by Gerhard Bosch and Claudia Weinkopf. British Journal of Industrial Relations 47(3):605-06. [LINK]

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Skarpelis, A.K. 2008. The political economy of Japan's low fertility, edited by Frances McCall Rosenbluth. Czech Sociological Review 44(6):1215-20. [LINK]

Books and Policy Reports

Skarpelis, Anna. 2010. Proceedings of the of the French, German and Japanese ministerial tripartite long term care symposium in Tokyo February 2009, German Ministry of Health

Skarpelis, Anna (editor with Kocka, J., Kohli, M. and Streeck, W. and Brauer, K.). 2009 Altern: Familie, Zivilgesellschaft und Politik, Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina [LINK] 

Manuscripts under Review or in Preparation for Submission

Skarpelis, A.K.M. The Racialized Welfare State (invited submission for a special issue of the Journal of the History of Ideas on processes and ideas)

Skarpelis, A.K.M. Life on File: Archival Epistemology as Theory (part of a special journal issue on the sociology of archives)

Skarpelis, A.K.M. Dresden will Never be Hiroshima: Facts and the Memorialization of Historical Tragedy (invited submission to an edited volume, forthcoming in 2019)

Skarpelis, A.K.M. The Administered Human. Making Germans in the Nazi Empire.